The New Rotowash

New R20-R30-R45 and R60 Series Advantages

Meet the new and improved Rotowash machines, equipped with 12 advantages as shown below

The TASKI Swingo XP

TASKI has unveiled the next generation of scrubber driers

‘One small step for your operator, one giant leap for your operation!’
The TASKI Swingo XP

The TASKI swingo XP defines new benchmarks in productivity, delivers improved cleaning results, outstanding performance and innovative concept.

The TASKI swingo XP marries the speed of a ride-on scrubber drier with the manoeuvrability of a small walk-behind for faster cleaning

The TASKI swingo XP cleans 4000m2 just one tank fill, latest technology for efficient water management large tank (bag system) & Proven CSD system

Stand-on concept with 360° visibility, totally dry floor, reduces potential risk of slip-fall accidents, increased safety makes TASKI swingo XP for use in day time cleaning.

Innovative micro-rotating TASKI contour brushes & TASKI contour squeegee Multidirectional scrubbing action combines the advantages of conventional roller and disc brushes resulting in excellent soil removal.